Advanced study (50hr): Creative and intelligent sequencing with

Advanced study (50hr): Creative and intelligent sequencing with

21 Jan 09:00 - 17:00 - Amsterdam
De Nieuwe Yogaschool


“Learn to create beautiful sequences that allow the body to open up to the flow of Prana, life energy. Enjoy creating graceful sequences leading to inner transformation in a sustainable and inspiring way”.

Vinyasa yoga teacher Daphne Koken is offering this advanced module for yoga teachers and intermediate yoga students.

Embody and teach sequences based on the vinyasa krama system as taught by Sri Krishnamacharya, the father of modern vinyasa yoga. Learn more about the principles of vinyasa that are at the roots of this wonderful system. Observe the key actions of asanas in their different kramas (stages) and learn to blend them into creative sequences that invite your students to experience a deeper practice in a safe, transformative and fun way.

Understanding the intelligence of Vinyasa Krama
Safe and intelligent sequencing within different groups of asanas is based on the logic of vinyasa krama. During this training you will generate a clear understanding of this system. This will enable you to work with it in an intelligent way. Based on the intention of your class and the key actions of your chosen asana Daphne will offer tools for creative sequencing as well as the modifications for students of different levels or abilities. You will analyse the energetic lines and key actions of the yoga poses. This will give you a solid base for creating your own sequences and for guiding students into an embodied flow.

Creative Sequencing
Daphne will be offering different pathways of sequencing as well as layers you can add to create an embodied experience for your students. This will give you the tools to be creative in a smart and safe way. It will enable you to choose different pathways for different occasions and it will allow you to choose your own level of creativity in sequencing.

Daphne will offer the teachings of vinyasa krama sequencing through interactive lectures as well as “lab” sessions where you will be able to create your own classes. She will also offer daily masterclasses for you to experience the effectiveness of these teachings in your own body.

Energetic Hands-On Assists
Yoga asanas are a reflection of the different pathways of Prana in the body. Once you have a solid understanding of how these directions of Prana effect our asana practice and the way we sequence, you will be ready to learn the techniques for offering hands-on assists to help your students deepen their practice and embody the fullest expression of their yoga poses. Every day you will be practicing hands-on assists based on the energetics of different poses.

Workshops in this module include:
o Daily masterclasses for your own embodiment
o Study of the definition and wisdom of vinyasa
o Study of the principles of vinyasa krama
o The art of sequencing: building blocks, tools, techniques & layers
o Choosing an intention/pose and how to get there in a safe, intelligent & creative way
o Analyses of groups of asanas, their kramas, modifications and their hands on assist
o Sequencing pathways: simple to complex
o Sequencing templates for creating your own classes
o Layers of sequencing: how to create an integrated multi dimensional experience that will leave your students energized and inspired
o Teacher Labs & DIY sessions

About Daphne
Daphne is a yoga alliance certified vinyasa yoga teacher who invites her students to open up to the flow of life energy (Prana) and to embrace, live and breathe the Vinyasa of life!
She is a 500hrs certified Prana Vinyasa Yoga™ teacher having studied for several years with her root teacher Shiva Rea and in the U.S., India, and Europe. Her extensive training also includes her studies of shiatsu therapy and nutrition.

A lover of life, nature and the spirit of freedom, she is an innovative teacher, dedicated to share her teachings in a down to earth and fun way. A passionate traveller and explorer, she inspires people to live a vital and happy life, through the connection with their breath, their bodies, the beauty of nature and the elements.

Based in Amsterdam and Haarlem, she offers yoga worskhops, ritual masterclasses and vinyasa yoga teacher training programs (200 hrs and 300 hrs). Daphne loves taking people out into nature on her yoga nature retreats.

Monday to friday: 09.00 - 17.00 hr

Would you like to sign in with a 10% discount for two modules of Daphne and/or Simon (100hr)? Note: Both modules need to be attented within six months. Please send an email to and let us know which modules you like to attend so we can send you the invoice directly.

Dates: Monday January 21th - Friday January 25th 2019
Price: € 525,- ex VAT / € 635,25 inc VAT.

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