Nirvana Tribute Band + Red Medicin live at Regentenkamer

Nirvana Tribute Band + Red Medicin live at Regentenkamer

12 Oct 19:00 - 23:59 - Den Haag
Regentenkamer Den Haag


Nirvana Tribute Band live at theRegentenkamer Den Haag

The Grunge is coming to the Netherlands again and again and again!
Because we love it there!!

Did you ever had a chance to see Nirvana live?

Three musicians from the Ore Mountains made the decision ... to get out of a jam session and to bring the songs of the band Nirvana on stage again. Two months after they were founded, they made their first promo tape and worked step by step to get a similiar sound of grunge legend. Also in winter 2016, the three standed in the spotlight for some acoustic concerts in Plauen, Adorf and Auerbach. On this occasion, they have chosen the name "Nirvana tribute band".

A tubed voice, scratchy guitar, a fuzzy bass and a rocking drum halls on the small stages of various cafes, Bar's and small festivals. Nirvana Tribute Band lives on – and also a part of Nirvana.
Ultimately Nirvana had developed a whole genre by it´s own musical creativity.

There are about 2 – hours of grunge sound live & loud for you.

We are so excited to play this live concert and to have a rough but fine event in Den Haag.

Regentankamer Den Haag we are coming ;-)

and the Grunge lives on ...

Open Doors:
Begin: more details coming soon!

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